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November 14: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Technology Dispute Resolution Conference
In-Person Program

Join leading corporate counsel, litigators and dispute resolution experts from across the technology field for this interactive open forum.

During the conference sessions, the panels will feature thought leaders – in the fields of technology litigation and alternative dispute resolution – who will cover the following discussion topics:

  • Creative Business Strategies for Avoiding and Resolving Technology Disputes
  • Strategic Planning for Technology Development, Licensing, Distribution, Outsourcing and Copyright, Trade Secret, and Patent Disputes
  • Key Strategies for International Technology Disputes
  • Spotlight on the EU GDPR, Privacy Shield, Data Security, and Data Breach

Attendees will leave the conference with valuable insight and applicable practices to help resolve technology disputes smarter, faster, and cheaper.

If you are an AAA Panelist please note this conference will satisfy your annual Arbitrator Continuing Education requirement.

December 4: Cybersecurity and Arbitration: Arbitrating B2B Data Breaches and Protecting the Arbitral Process
In-Person Program

Data breaches are now a fact of life.  Almost everyone is familiar with breaches that occur when someone gains unauthorized access to consumer data held by a business – the “business-to-consumer” or “B2C” breach.  Far less publicized are the “business-to-business (“B2B”) breaches.  These breaches often occur quietly and don’t often appear on the front page of the newspaper but are not less important and can have disastrous effects on business.  This program will discuss how to arbitrate B2B data breaches.  In addition, there will also be a focus on cybersecurity protocols and initiatives by arbitral institutions.

If you are an AAA Panelist please note this program does not satisfy your annual Arbitrator Continuing Education requirement.

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